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#CALM - 250ml

#CALM - 250ml

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Feeling Bad or Got a Headache?

Use magnesium oil! Spray it on, and feel better. It might feel funny at first, but it's okay. If it helps you sleep, use it at night.

If it's good, let your friends know.

But only spray it on your skin!

With our highly concentrated formula, #CALM stands out as one of the most potent magnesium chloride solutions available.

Directions: Spray on clean skin, we prefer the bottom of our feet before bed or tired and saw muslces.

Note: Upon initial application, some users may feel a slight tingling sensation. This is normal and should dissipate in a few minutes. If discomfort persists, please rinse off in the shower.

For topical use only. Not intended for medicinal purposes. Rest assured, our product testing did not involve animals - just our sisters!

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