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Topical Magnesium! The Super Star Magnesium Mineral Supplement! The fastest and safest way to get magnesium into your body. You can take it anyway and spray it on at any time of the day. Quick and easy to use as soon it is absorbed through your skins you will feel benefits of the magical mineral magnesium. Highly concentrated magnesium oil, #CALM YOUR SPRAY is one of the strongest magnesium chloride on the market. Naturally occurring we have added a few drops of organic essential oils for a light fragrance.

Who needs me? It is suggested many of us are magnesium deficient and can cause to nasty side effects!

How to use me! Spray me on;

  1. Any places you experience aches or pains
  2. Tired or recovering muscles 
  3. Feet before bed to relax you
  4. On your belly for any PMS cramps
  5. Neck or back pain or stiffness 

    When you first use you might experience a bit of a tingling feeling, this is okay happens to some people. Wait a few minutes and it should subside If it still bothers you jump in the shower.

      For external use only. Not for pharmaceutical use. The Only Animals This Was Tested on Was My Sisters.