'Sport is my life and my focus is making sure that my body is strong for my sport. Being an athlete is a tough job but it's also incredibly rewarding. And if I want it to continue to be rewarding I need to look after my equipment - my body! 
I wake up - I go to training. 
I finish work - I go to training.
I have always made excuses to skip recovery because I was always busy training. But I hit a point where I realized my body needed rest and recovery just as much as it needs strength and conditioning. 
Sid & Jac hooked me up with some topical magnesium oil and salts which have helped me out immensely!
I use the spray after most high volume training sessions when I am feeling sore and exhausted and I jump in a salt bath once a week to keep my body going. 
Sometimes you just need to take some time for yourself and give your body a little TLC. Sid & Jac have helped me with muscle soreness (which feels like all the time), injuries, aches, and pains (also all the time) and the best part of all - SLEEP!!!  
Thank you to the beautiful people of Sid & Jac who have helped me out so much and made sure my body stays together for a little while longer :)' - Molly Gray Nov 2017 Australian Woman's Rugby Player
'As a busy mum and a professional athlete recovery is so important. I take my #calmyourspray travel everywhere I go and spray on my feet for the best night sleep.' - - Abby Bishop Dec 2016 -  Busy Mum, International Professional Athlete, Australian Opal, Olympian, WNBA Champion WNBL Most Valuable Player 2x WNBL All-Star Five, TGB Tarbes France
'NBL SuperStar'

With a busy NBL season traveling all over the country I suffered from sore and tired muscles. Now I am using #calmyourspray and #salts I am recovering faster and feel great! - Mitch Norton Feb 2017 Illawarra Hawks, Townsville Crocs, Australian Boomers