Our Story

Sydney Sisters behind Sid & Jac are obsessed with all things health, wellness & fitness. Passionately supporting our customers slowing down to live full of abundance. 

From the time we were old enough to create memories, we have been inseparable wanderers. 

Some of our best sisterly times were spent laughing, playing in the streets and creating craft from nature. We would create perfume from dried flowers, build rafts in our pool during Winter and turn ordinary swings into giant ones using makeshift sticks, ensuring everyone could swing with us. Anything we touched turned into our own version of gold, and it was through this constant inventing and experience collecting that we found true happiness and joy. 

The incredible sense of freedom, creativity and adventure that came from these childhood years, coupled with a general lust for life, has stuck with us into our adult lives. 

But with age comes great responsibility; something we discovered the hard way. 
That feeling of freedom and copious laughter was quickly swapped out for anxiety, tension and the general stresses of being an ‘adult’ – something that even two big kids at heart found difficult to swallow. Soon enough, those negative feelings manifested in our relationships – with men, women and mostly, each other.

Both of us had our own struggles to come to terms with. One sister, an international athlete at the time, was constantly searching for ways to heal her body and mind under extreme pressure to perform.

The other sister, who leads a very active and social lifestyle suffered terribly from overwhelm and stress, she didn't want to take anything else but a natural alternative.

At this point in our lives, we decided to go in search of healing inspiration and decided to look no further than the women who had managed to uphold the joy from their childhoods right through to adulthood; our grandmothers. Both grandmothers (from our Mother and Father’s side) had sent their husbands to war, raised several children and kept the family going and their solution for staying grounded, both mentally and physically, was unanimous; ‘just look to nature’.  

They told us that Mother Earth has so many powerful resources that we aren’t using effectively today, and that we need look to our beautiful land to find the answer to our problems. 

So, in taking inspiration from our beautiful grandmothers and their equally inspiring husbands, the late Sidney and Jack, we created a product that we hope, through nature, will help you get back to your happy place like it did ours. 

A place where you can dare to dream, invent, love, grow and most importantly, laugh again – so that every day you are your best self for the people you love. 

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoyed creating them for you.  

See you on the swings.