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Welcome to the wonderful world of Sid & Jac. We are grateful you have made the decision to read our blog and we hope to inspire and motivate you to create your best life.

Sid & Jac believe in living life to the fullest and creating moments with ones you love. We have created products to support you on your journey, whether that is on or off the field, court, gym or if you are looking for overall wellness.

We are here to support, motivate. encourage and educate you on tips for a health life! We want you to live your best life right now and we want to give you useful tips that can help you do so.

With our first post we want you to know it is all about you. We welcome feedback so we get to know you better, please drop us a line to let us know what you would like to hear more and what you want less of.

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We welcome you again to the S & J family! A place full of love, laughter and education.

Have a wonderful day,

Team s & j x

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  • Matthew Craig on

    Hey Guys,

    Can you add us as a stockist to your website please…

    bounceREHAB – 183 Harris Street PYRMONT NSW 2009 (phone 02 95717606)

    I was also going to update this blog that I did a few years ago – I want to update the pics etc to feature your bath salts and oils
    Check it out…
    It would be awesome to link it to your website blogs as well. Feel free to contact me with your feedback.

    Cheers Matt (Physio/Pilates director)

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