The History of Epsom Salts

The History of Epsom Salts


Did you know that Epsom salts were discovered apparently 400 years old?

According to the Royal Society of Chemistry;

'The summer of 1618 saw England gripped by drought, but as Henry Wicker, a local cowherd, walked across Epsom Common he came across a pool of water from which his thirsty cattle refused to drink. The water tasted bitter and on evaporation yielded a salt which had a remarkable effect: it was a laxative. This became the famous Epsom's salts (magnesium sulfate, MgSO4) and a treatment for constipation for the next 350 years.' 

I like this story from a perceived negative came a positive.  

When I was an elite athlete, Epsom salts saved my life every time I took a bath for my muscles to feel relaxed and for my recovery. I am not the only one to feel this.

Epsom salts baths have been popular athletes, models, actresses and as a mild diuretic, some believe it's a great detox soak aiding in the elimination of toxins and fatigue from the body for many many many years!

Magnesium as a mineral is not well understood and taken for granted. Our bodies cannot naturally produce magnesium which means we need a supplement or alternative solution to increase our magnesium levels. It is suggested that laying in a bath for aromatic purposes can help draw out heavy metals and detox your body. 

If you would like to read more about Epsom Salt's and the benefits visit Epsom Salt Council 


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